Why the ERP guide?

Is it difficult for you to find the right ERP system? This is not so surprising, because the search for it is not easy. One vendor focuses on ERP systems for the process industry from hundreds of users and the other on webshops for less than 10 users, and then there are numerous vendors that specialize in a specific industry. In order to get a complete picture of the market, you would actually need to have a conversation with every provider of industry-specific software. This costs too much time, however, and the information you receive will never be entirely objective. In addition, it is still very difficult to assess what an implementation will cost. Instead you can now use the ERP guide.

How does the ERP guide work?

We have included almost all suppliers and their areas expertise. The ERP guide saves you time and effort to explore the entire ERP market. With the ERP guide you will find a selection of the suppliers that match your search criteria and fit your company. In addition, you get a quote of the expected costs for your project. The ERP guide is completely independent and free.

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